Monday, August 18, 2008

Bayonne has some interesting businesses. We bought a book case from the Bayonne Furniture and Go-Cart store. (The owner gave us a deal because we were “a nice couple.”) On the way to the furniture store we passed the Wok n’Roll which serves Chinese and Mexican cuisine. And today I saw the Fresh Taco which also serves that same combination. There’s also the Maidenform factory, a Schwinn store, a doll house and model store and about 17 nail salons.

A little gentleman’s clothing store (they sell big gentleman‘s clothing too):

The Barney Stock (nothing but ladies undergarments):

Sights around town:

The bridge Tony drives over during the opening credits of the Sopranos. This bridge connects Newark to Jersey City. We have a great view of it from the Veteran’s Park which is a couple of blocks from our apartment.

Russian Orthodox Church:

Catholic Church:

This day a wedding was taking place inside. There were limos and a horse drawn carriage waiting in the street.

The Public Library (beautiful on the outside, sad and in need of more and newer books on the inside):

Typical Bayonne Houses:

Our Apartment:

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