Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New York, New York

We're back from a long weekend in New York and New Jersey. Still don't know if Thomas is in or out for FIT's toy design school, but the interview seemed to go well. There were about 20 or so other students being interviewed that day as well. Fingers are crossed. We hope to know something before June. However, we loved the New York/New Jersey area so much we're thinking of moving there regardless. There are certainly more opportunities for the both of us there than there are here in Johnson City. The best part of our entire trip was reconnecting with my long, lost family. My uncle Mike and aunt Janet, cousins Alex, Sallie and Jesse and their significant others Rachel and Mush were amazing. We had great conversations, delicious meals and lots of fun riding the rails and touring the city with everyone. I had no idea how much in common I had with this part of my family, though I should have known since many of them are also writers. Check out my uncle's blog, The Wandering Hillbilly.

Here are some of the highlights of our trip:

The Sunset from the airplane:

The view from our hotel in Jersey City:

Room Service (Pumpkin Soup!):

Thomas waiting for the PATH, mere moments before his big interview:

The Flat Iron Building:

Rockefeller Center:

Views from the top of the Rock (note the incoming storm over Central Park):

Our trusty Stay-Puft (He goes with us on all our trips):

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