Friday, August 31, 2007

Seamus has a dairy allergy. This was discovered when we started finding streaks of blood in his diaper. Nothing gives a Mama a heart attack like bright red in a baby's diaper. His pediatritian did some investigating and determined it was most likely an allergy to the dairy that I was consuming, and since I'm breastfeeding Seamus eats what I eat. I was told to eliminate dairy products from my diet for the next few months and then slowly add them back (most babies outgrow these types of allergies). Since I'm already a vegetarian this makes life a little harder. Dairy was a big source of protein in my diet. And I absolutely love cheese and milk chocolate and fresh butter, but there's no way I'm putting my guy on formula. I love nursing and the health benefits far outweigh my little bit of discomfort. I've been reading lables like crazy and nearly everything contains milk or eggs or cheese. So I've started baking my own bread and making my own cupcakes (there is a whole delicious book of vegan cupcake recipes--Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World) eating lots of TVP and other soy products for protein. Thomas is trying all this stuff with me. He even ate the fake cheese I made from nutritional yeast and flour (this gave us both stomach aches--I don't recommend it). Since I work at a library I've dipped into our vegan recipe books and those of the other libraries in our area and found this little gem of a book:

The author even includes a recipe for "faustess" cupcakes--fake Hostess Cupcakes. This saves the day for me since Friday was always my Hostess Cupcake day.
If anyone has any vegan recipes or ideas please let me know. I'm up for anything!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Seamus is four months old now and eating his first solid foods (rice cereal mixed with breast milk). He's becoming more social and smiles and laughs at everyone he meets, and if you put your face up close to his he will goo and babble out the most remarkable baby conversation. Thomas and I are starting to get the hang of parenting, work and marriage. I write in the mornings before Seamus wakes up and I do dishes and laundry (although Thomas will say he does all the dishes and laundry) at night before bed. We're becoming more confident at this parenting business everyday. Milestones for this month were: rolling over front to back, passing an object from one hand to the next, sitting with light support, turning head toward sounds, and laughing at a Tom and Jerry cartoon. This last one isn't so much a milestone as it is a good sense of humor.

Seamus also loves to grab noses and ears:

Once the dust of new parenthood settled, I actually found time to knit Seamus a sweater. It's a simple raglan sweater sized for 12 months and made of a cotton/cashmere blend:

I had forgotton just how much I love to knit. I hadn't touched my needles since I was pregnant when I attempted to make Seamus an aran sweater and ran out of yarn on the last sleeve. I'd used a hard to find yarn; so the aran sweater will now be adjusted to an aran vest. Here's what I have so far:

All this knitting has me wanting to challenge myself. I've decided I'm going to learn fair isle knitting, and I'm going to start with the Road to Golden pullover (for me) from the recent issue of Knit Scene.
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